How We Farm

Built from hard work and determination, Grasslands specialises in progressive pasture based dairy farming.

Grasslands models simple, replicable and sustainable pastoral farming systems.

We specialise in progressive pasture based dairy farming. Our systems are based on maximising the amount of pasture we grow and harvest with stocking rates set accordingly.

Aligning ourselves to best practice industry standards, we are fast adopters of new techniques to manage our natural assets in a way that is optimal for both our people and animals. We respect our cows, look after the environment and invest in our people - growing grass to feed healthy cows and produce quality profitable milk.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We believe everyone has the right to go about their work safely and it is of the utmost importance to us that everybody returns home well each day.

The safety and wellbeing of our entire team, their families, and visitors to our operations is top priority and embedded in everything we do.

Animal Welfare

We believe in best practice farming that aligns with industry standards. Animal welfare is at the core of the Grasslands business and we are committed to ensuring that our animals are treated with respect.

The Grasslands herd is predominantly crossbred and we take advantage of New Zealand genetics bred to support a grass first seasonal production system.

Our People

We invest in our people to develop practical, on-farm technical skills, as well as commercial, financial and leadership skills.

Grasslands has a range of farm operation models. Farm manager, contract milking and sharemilking positions provide opportunities for our people to progress their own careers and build independence.


We responsibly and efficiently manage our environment under best practice principles.

Our natural assets are operated in line with dairy industry standards and we work closely with territorial bodies to ensure ongoing compliance, fast adoption of new techniques and efficient use of any nutrients we apply.

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